UMLR Member Develops Legal Citation App

One of UMLR’s 3L members, Tuvia Sandler, has developed a new app for Macs called “Legal Cite” that eliminates the time required to format bluebook citations by automating the process. This new app brings some relief to the lives of busy law students and is now available on the app store.

Law students will no longer have to spend hours upon hours dedicated to mastering the Bluebook rules and perfecting their citations. With the Legal Cite app, users simply input party names, the volume number, page numbers, and the year of the case. Then they select the jurisdiction, court level, court name, and reporter name from drop down menus. The app automatically generates both a complete form and short form Bluebook citation that can be quickly pasted into documents. In addition, users can select whether to use Times New Roman 12 or 14 fonts and whether to use the first party name or second party name in the short form citation.

Tuvia developed this app with the aim of cutting out all the hassle generously created for law students by the all-knowing authors of that momentous compilation of tedious, banal, and otherwise useless rules, known to law students as the Bluebook.

In its first version, the app only covered federal and select state courts, but in the latest release, version 1.1, all states are covered. Federal courts now covered include the U.S. Supreme Court, circuit courts, district courts, bankruptcy courts, and bankruptcy appellate panels. State courts include state high courts and state appellate courts covered in the Bluebook. Old reporters are also included, for example the Dallas (Dall.) and Wheaton (Wheat.) reporters for the U.S. Supreme Court and the Lockwood’s Reversed Cases (Lock. Rev. Cas.) for the New York high court.

Make sure to check out the Legal Cite app on the app store.



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