Volume 75, Issue 2

Special Issue

The University of Miami Law Review Caveat, in Collaboration With the University of Miami Black Law Students Association, Presents: Perspectives on Systemic Racial Inequity in the United States

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Table of Contents


Or Does it Explode? White Supremacy, Dominion, and the West Coast on Fire
by Hannah Gordon

The “Big Black Man” and Other Stories: George Floyd, Stereotypes, and the Shape of Fear
by D. Marvin Jones


Challenging Racial Injustice in the Criminalization of Homelessness in the United States: A Human Rights Approach
by David Berris, Joseph Candelaria, Tamar Ezer, Lily Fontenot & Jessica Santos

Shifting the Goal Post: Antiracism and the Business of College Sports in a Post-COVID-19 World
by Jordan R. Rhodes

Critical Theory: A Transactional Skills Argument
by Michael Bailey

A Human Rights Framework to Address Racial Inequalities Undermining Health in the U.S.
by Nicollette Levi