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Volume 77, Issue 4

Prefatory Pages Masthead Table of Contents Foreword Hon. Robin S. Rosenbaum Articles Beware of Testing the Waters: Wading Into Litigation Could Cost the Company Its Arbitration Rightby Susan L. Shin, Pravin R. Patel, Nicole Comparato, and Katheryn Maldonado An Essential Preliminary: The Grand Jury, Its Cloak of Secrecy, and the Misconceived Inherent Authority to Release Grand Jury […]

I Knew You Were Trouble: Could Ticketmaster’s Bad Blood with Taylor Swift Fans Result In Its Demise?

ALISON WYNNE—Following a merger in 2010, Ticketmaster became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Live Nation. This merger was conditioned on Live Nation being prohibited from “retaliating against concert venues for using another ticketing company [besides Ticketmaster], threatening concert venues, or undertaking other. . .actions against concert venues for ten years.” Despite this condition, the Department of Justice […]

Getting Sacked: the Contract Buyout Clause Cost of College Athletics

SIERRA EPKE—At its heart, college athletics is a business. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (“NCAA”) raked in over $1.15 billion in revenue in 2021. With such a considerable amount of money on the line, college coaches who do not meet expectations can expect to get sacked––just like their quarterbacks. Yet, many coaches, especially those in Football […]

The Story of Deficient Data in Federal Healthcare Programs

ELIZABETH HANSEL—Imagine attempting to address decades of disparities and inequities with only one eye open to the problem. That is what the Biden administration is currently attempting to do as it creates healthy equity initiatives through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (“CMS”). These new initiatives focus on reducing the health disparities within these […]

Universal Opt-Out Signals for User Privacy Preferences

ALLAN LEMOS—A universal opt-out request is a signal that is sent by a third-party platform on behalf of the internet user that communicates the user’s choice to opt-out of the sale and sharing of their personal information. Essentially, these signals are a way for users to communicate privacy preferences to a host of websites by using a specific search […]