Volume 74, Issue 4

Prefatory Pages

Masthead and Table of Contents


The Difference of One Vote or One Day: Reviewing the Demographics of Florida’s Death Row After Hurst v. Florida
by Melanie Kalmanson

Exactly What They Asked For: Linking Harm and Intent in Wire Fraud Prosecutions
by Christina M. Frohock and Marcos Daniel Jiménez

Arbitration in the Eleventh Circuit:
Preface: International Commercial Arbitration in the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit
John H. Rooney Jr. and Sandra Friedrich

Arbitration in the Eleventh Circuit:
Interpretation of Article V of the New York Convention in the Eleventh Circuit: Industrial Risk Insurers
by Juan C. Garcia and Ivan Bracho Gonzalez

Arbitration in the Eleventh Circuit:
A Cure for Every Ill? Remedies for “Pathological” Arbitration Clauses
by Harout J. Samra and Ramya Ramachanderan

Arbitration in the Eleventh Circuit:
Which Law Is Supreme? The Interplay Between the New York Convention and The McCarran-Ferguson Act
by Brian A. Briz and César Mejía-Dueñas

Student Notes & Comments

Federal Ignorance and the Battle for Supervised Injection Sites
by Ben Longnecker