UMLR Mourns Loss of Alumni



UMLR is sad to announce the passing of Andrew Dee (“Tad”) Terrance, a 1999 graduate of the University of Miami School of Law, where Mr. Terrance served as a Editor-in-Chief of Volume 53 of the Law Review. You can read about Mr. Terrance’s many achievements by visiting his obituary page here.



Volume 72, Issue 3 Released



UMLR is proud to announce that Volume 72, Issue 3 is now available on our website. This issue features three fascinating articles from outside sources and five notes authored by members of the Review.






Corporate America as the New Captain America: Can the Private Sector Fill the Gap When Democracy Fails?



KATHERINE MITCHELL—Wall Street has hardly been known to foster societal heroes. However, a few of these titans of trade may be attempting to amend that image. On January 12th, in his annual letter to the chief executives of companies in which his firm invests, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink called upon the corporate world in a […]



High Stakes: The Fight for Legalized Sports Gambling and its Underlying Impact on Federalism



NICHOLAS DILTS—Every spring, the NCAA men’s basketball tournament becomes one of the largest events in the country as millions tune in to watch the fascinating and heart-wrenching action that is “March Madness.” During this past year’s tournament, it was reported that roughly $10 billion was going to be wagered on the tournament, but that only […]



Vehicles vs. Vessels: the Race to Full Automation of Ships and the Regulatory Rogue Waves Still Ahead



PARKER POUSER—Recently, it seems like you can’t go online or read the news without being bombarded with articles about self-driving cars. The regulation of autonomous vehicles has been the subject of several high profile cases over the last few months. However, despite all the attention on cars and trucks, there has been relatively little coverage […]



Why Richard Sherman’s Recent Contract Negotiations Might be the Beginning of the End for NFL Agents



FREDDY KASTEN—In 1925, upon graduating from the University of Illinois, Red Grange signed a contract with the Chicago Bears worth $100,000. Even that long ago, one would have expected any three-time First-Team All-American to command a large sum of money for his services. However, at that time, most NFL players were only being paid twenty-five […]



Students’ Constitutional Right to Walk Out and Speak Up



PAIGE BETTGE—The tragic Parkland school shooting, which took place this February, has sparked an ongoing wave of student activism. Students’ First Amendment rights are now more than ever having widespread consequences, as student activism has caused landmark gun control reforms in Florida and is sparking conversations nationwide. Thousands of students across the nation participated in […]



Have we Moved the Needle on Cryptocurrency Regulations?



SARAH VALENTI—The regulation of cryptocurrencies has been the subject of several high profile hearings over the past few months. Despite all the attention, have we moved any closer to establishing regulations on this emerging market? Likely not, based on the IRS’s failure to put out comprehensive guidelines for investors and Congress’ failure to competently hold […]



Balancing Public Interest and Safety: Florida Sunshine Law Allows Release of Video from School Shooting



KEELIN BIELSKI—On February 14, 2018, a gunman killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. During the subsequent investigation, Broward Sheriff Scott Israel, in a news conference, stated that he suspended Deputy Scot Peterson, the school’s resource officer, because security cameras at the school showed that Peterson stayed outside of the building for four […]




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