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Whose History? Our History! California’s Ethnic Studies Requirements

MYLES CRANDALL—1968 was a year of protest and innovation. Coalitions in California, led by students of color, organized with demands including admitting more students of color to colleges, hiring more diverse faculties, and funding scholarly programs centered on the contributions and needs of minority communities. Following months of protests, San Francisco State University and UC […]

Wealthy Families Don’t Need Bribes

KEIGAN VANNOY—On Tuesday March, 12, 2019, the FBI announced that 33 individual parents from some of the wealthiest families in the United States would be indicted and criminally prosecuted for various acts of bribery and fraud. Those parents collectively paid $25 million to buy admission slots for their children at prestigious and selective universities across […]

President Obama’s “Student Aid Bill of Rights”: A Step in the Right Direction?

BY MALLORY MEADS—Today, more than 70% of individuals earning a bachelor’s degree graduate with debt.  Shockingly, this means that more than 40 million Americans have taken on debt in order to help finance their education. Still, with higher education often being viewed as “the surest ticket to the middle class and beyond,” the issue of student […]

Judge Michael Moore Strikes Down Florida Law As Equal Protection Violation

BY BRYAN VEGA — Three weeks ago, on August 31, 2012, Southern District of Florida Judge Michael Moore struck down a Florida law denying in-state tuition to the children of undocumented immigrants as a violation of the Equal Protection Clause. The Florida law at issue affected American citizens. Specifically, it was aimed at dependent children […]