Alumni Advisory Board

The University of Miami Law Review’s Alumni Advisory Board serves as a consultative body that provides invaluable guidance and support to the Law Review. The Alumni Advisory Board’s primary purposes are to help maintain the loyalty and integrity of the Law Review, to promote the Law Review’s brand, and to help expand the Law Review’s reach within the legal community. Members of the Alumni Advisory Board dedicate themselves to the continued success and development of the Law Review by attending official meetings and events, providing advice to current members of the Executive Board, and encouraging sponsorship. The Alumni Advisory Board is composed of prominent members of the South Florida legal community who have achieved success in a wide range of practice areas. The University of Miami Law Review is extremely fortunate to receive guidance and support from the Alumni Advisory Board.

Roy Black
Scott E. Byers
Hon. A. Jay Cristol
Jaret L. Davis
Freddy Funes
Elizabeth A. Gonzalez
George Harper
Charles Kline
Guy Lewis
Alvin Lindsay
Joseph Mamounas
Steven Marks
Adam Moskowitz
Michael Nachwalter
Rebekah J. Poston
Peter Prieto
Joe Serota
Hon. Thomas E. Scott
Brian W. Toth
Harley S. Tropin

For more information about the Alumni Advisory Board, please read its bylaws. For information about joining or recommending UMLR alumni for positions on the Alumni Advisory Board, please contact Farah Barquero, Law Review Administrator.

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