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The Ongoing Assault on Corporate DEI Programs 

JOEL ZEMACH—The Supreme Court’s decision to end universities’ affirmative action programs in Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. v. President & Fellows of Harvard College has sparked a flurry of litigation directed at extending the Court’s colorblind stance on education to corporate diversity, equity, and inclusion (“DEI”) programs. While the Court did not proclaim to effectuate […]

Cameras in the Courtroom: Will Our Nation’s Highest Courts Be Turned Into Courts of Public Opinion?

EMILY GRADY—In March of this year, two bills were introduced in Congress to increase public access to both the federal courtrooms and the Supreme Court of the United States. The bill pushing for media coverage in the federal courtrooms gives the presiding judge the authority to permit a wide variety of media coverage including broadcasting, […]

Universal Opt-Out Signals for User Privacy Preferences

ALLAN LEMOS—A universal opt-out request is a signal that is sent by a third-party platform on behalf of the internet user that communicates the user’s choice to opt-out of the sale and sharing of their personal information. Essentially, these signals are a way for users to communicate privacy preferences to a host of websites by using a specific search […]

COVID-19: Uncertainty Surrounding Coronavirus Impacts on the United States’ Prison System

MACY NIX—With the rapid increase of confirmed cases of COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”) and the uncertainty surrounding its containment, measures suggested to combat Coronavirus have had a rippling effect on both everyday life and the United States’ legal system. On Tuesday, March 17th, Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Charles Canady set forth an administrative order, ordering the […]

Eleventh Circuit Applies Equal Protection Clause to Florida’s Amendment Four

GABRIELLE ENGEL—Florida is no stranger to election controversy. Beyond Bush v. Gore, today there are several pending issues in Florida involving early voting sites, Spanish-language ballots, and the location of Trump’s name on the ballot.  However, one issue appears to have been decided, at least for now. Florida Senate Bill 7066, a law intended to […]