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Lack of Media Court Coverage Poses Serious Problem For The Legal System

BY LOGAN HAINE-ROBERTS — On February 11, 2013, a number of UMLR students had the incredible opportunity to meet privately with United States Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy when he visited UM. Among many other things, Justice Kennedy–entirely unprompted–launched into a discussion of his serious concerns about the dwindling number of journalists covering criminal trials following the economic downturn. Justice Kennedy believes […]

Fee Exemptions and Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals – A Primer

BY DAVID WERNER — Just weeks ago, the Department of Homeland Security–facing $3.2 billion in sequestration related budget cuts–released thousands detainees from detention facilities nationwide. Between February 9 and March 1, DHS released 2,228 individuals, including 225 detainees within Miami’s ICE jurisdiction.  While DHS granted these former detainees freedom from incarceration, they still face deportation proceedings. However, […]

Congratulations To The Next UMLR Executive Board

Congratulations to the Executive Board for the 2013-14 academic year. We are excited to announce that the following students will take over management of the University of Miami Law Review: Editor in Chief Kelly Heard Executive Editors Natalie Harrison Ross Chaffin Senior Articles Editor Matthew Kohen Senior Notes and Comments Editor Juan Carlos Zamora Logan Haine-Roberts […]

In Maryland v. King, SCOTUS Examines Constitutionality of Law Enforcement DNA Profiling

BY LINDSEY MAULTASCH — On April 10, 2009, Alonzo Jay King, Jr. was arrested in Maryland on first- and second-degree assault charges. Pursuant to the Maryland DNA Collection Act, a swab was used to take a sample of King’s DNA.  On July 13, 2009, King’s DNA profile was uploaded to the Maryland DNA database. Shortly […]

New York Soda Ban Struck Down As Unconstitutional

BY JORDAN SHAW — In what the New York Times called an “unusually critical” opinion, a New York judge recently struck down the ever-controversial New York City Soda Ban. The ban, which stated that “sugary beverages” of more than sixteen ounces could not be sold at NYC food-service establishments, and, restaurants with “self-serve” soda fountains, […]