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Volume 71, Issue 4 Released

UMLR is proud to make Volume 71, Issue 4 (our Eleventh Circuit Edition) available on our website here. For their insightful contributions, we are very grateful to our authors, among them the late Ervin Gonzalez (UM Law Class of 1985), to whom this Edition is proudly dedicated. UMLR also recognizes the dedication of our Executive Board members, […]

Volume 71, Issue 3 Released

UMLR is proud to announce that Volume 71, Issue 3 is available on our website here.  Feel free to browse the collection of essays, articles and notes covering a range of topics such as workers’ rights, patent alienability and gun regulation. UMLR dedicated countless hours to bring Issue 3 to fruition and we are proud of the final product. […]

Volume 71, Issue 2 Released

UMLR is proud to announce that Volume 71, Issue 2 is available on our website here.  Feel free to browse the opening remarks provided by Justice Stevens and Len Niehoff, along with a variety of essays, articles, and student notes. UMLR spent countless hours bringing Issue 2 to fruition and we are proud of the final […]

When God Demands Blood: Unusual Minds and the Troubled Juridical Ties of Religion, Madness, and Culpability

BY RABIA BELT, 69 U. Miami L. Rev. 755 (2015). Introduction: When Robert Crenshaw and his wife were on their honeymoon in Canada in 1982, Robert got into a fight and was deported back to the United States. He found a motel room just across the border in Blaine, Washington and waited for his wife. Upon her arrival two […]

What’s the Harm in Issuer-Licensed Insider Trading?

BY JOHN P. ANDERSON, 69 U. Miami L. Rev. 795 (2015). Introduction: I have argued elsewhere that insider trading is morally harmless where the issuer approves the trade in advance and has disclosed that it permits such trading pursuant to published guidelines. I have also suggested that reforming the law to permit such issuer-licensed insider trading “would […]