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Fee Exemptions and Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals – A Primer

BY DAVID WERNER — Just weeks ago, the Department of Homeland Security–facing $3.2 billion in sequestration related budget cuts–released thousands detainees from detention facilities nationwide. Between February 9 and March 1, DHS released 2,228 individuals, including 225 detainees within Miami’s ICE jurisdiction.  While DHS granted these former detainees freedom from incarceration, they still face deportation proceedings. However, […]

DHS Moves Toward Accepting Same-Sex Relationships In the Immigration Context

BY PAULINA VALANTY — The Department of Homeland Security announced last fall that it would start considering same-sex partners as family for removal purposes. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano announced the policy shift in a letter, stating that DHS will issue guidelines to its field officers clarifying the term “family relationships” to include “long-term, same-sex partners” […]

Judge Michael Moore Strikes Down Florida Law As Equal Protection Violation

BY BRYAN VEGA — Three weeks ago, on August 31, 2012, Southern District of Florida Judge Michael Moore struck down a Florida law denying in-state tuition to the children of undocumented immigrants as a violation of the Equal Protection Clause. The Florida law at issue affected American citizens. Specifically, it was aimed at dependent children […]

Does “Deferred Action” Affect Undocumented Immigrants’ Ability To Practice Law?

BY SAM WARDLE — A recent brief filed with the Florida Supreme Court raises an interesting question. Does the Obama Administration’s new “deferred action” policy for undocumented immigrants affect those immigrants’ ability to practice law? Jose Godinez-Samperio argues that it does. Godinez-Samperio is an undocumented immigrant who was brought by his parents to the United […]