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Gambling for the Ballot: Potential Election Fraud in Florida’s Latest Gambling Initiative

HILLARY GABRIELE—Florida’s multibillion-dollar gaming industry has incited a “turf war” between the Seminole Tribe of Florida and rival gaming companies, which hoped to place certain gaming constitutional amendments on the 2022 midterm ballot. The Seminole Tribe currently runs the only Las Vegas-style gaming operations in Florida. However, the Tribe, which recently poured $1.5 billion into its signature Seminole Hard […]

Winning, but at What Cost? The Problem of Loot Boxes in Video Games and How the FTC Could Help

SYDNEY LANDERS—On August 3, 2020, a class action complaint, naming Electronic Arts (“EA”) as the defendant, alleged that loot boxes in games, specifically sport franchise games like FIFA, “entic[e] consumers . . . to engage in gambling and similar addictive conduct.” Loot boxes are a form of microtransaction: some use in-game currency to purchase new […]

High Stakes: The Fight for Legalized Sports Gambling and its Underlying Impact on Federalism

NICHOLAS DILTS—Every spring, the NCAA men’s basketball tournament becomes one of the largest events in the country as millions tune in to watch the fascinating and heart-wrenching action that is “March Madness.” During this past year’s tournament, it was reported that roughly $10 billion was going to be wagered on the tournament, but that only […]