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Interview with 2020 Competition Winner: Daniel Mayor

Daniel Mayor was a winner of the 2020 Writing Competition and, as the Vol. 76 Editor-in-Chief, he has been instrumental in setting up this years competition. Read his interview below for advice on how to successfully navigate the competition. Q: When you took part in the Writing Competition last summer, what other responsibilities did you […]

Interview with Senior Writing Editor: Madison Hauser

Volume 76 Senior Writing Editor Madison Hauser has been instrumental in setting up the 2021 Writing Competition. Read her interview below for advice on how to prepare for the competition and pitfalls to avoid. Q: How does the Writing Competition show who is and isn’t a good candidate for UMLR membership? What traits are you looking for […]

Facebook, Inc. v. Duguid: The Challenges of Regulating Rapidly Changing Technology

HANNA BURT—The Supreme Court’s recent decision in Facebook, Inc. v. Duguid highlighted the growing gap between law and technology and revealed how the Court’s narrow interpretation of regulatory statutes can exacerbate this divide. The rapid advancement of technology contrasts sharply with the slow evolution of law. As a result, it is estimated that law is […]

In with the New, But Out with the Old?

MICHELLE ADAMS—The recent rise in popularity of digital art, coupled with more industries accepting cryptocurrency as a valid form of payment, has led to increased interest and fear of how blockchain will eventually disrupt traditional industries that currently act as intermediaries in transactions. But what exactly is blockchain, and how will it affect the legal […]

NFTs and the Legitimizing Power of Copyright

DANIEL MAYOR—The recent high-value sales of digital art NFTs (non-fungible tokens) by Beeple, and, even more recently, of a self-portrait NFT made by Sophia the Robot, signals the digital token’s acceptance as an attractive new asset for tech-savvy creatives. But avant-garde digital artists are not the only early-adopters of this craze and organizations like the NBA have made […]