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Double Reasonableness and the Fourth Amendment

BY SAM KAMIN & JUSTIN MARCEAU — Legal doctrine is replete with reasonableness tests. In fact, it is unlikely that any area of law lacks a reasonableness test at the center of a core doctrine. The Fourth Amendment is certainly no exception; the textual prohibition of unreasonable searches and seizures has led the United States […]

The Siren Is Calling: Economic and Ideological Trends Toward Privatization of Public Police Forces

BY KARENA RAHALL — The landmark Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United has opened the floodgates to allow unlimited corporate campaign donations, and Supreme Court doctrine is shifting back to the Lochner-era’s focus on economic rights. At the same time, there are efforts underway across the United States to privatize public services in order to […]

No Right to Lie, Cheat, or Steal: Public Good v. Private Order

BY MADELEINE M. PLASENCIA — Fraud is deceit. And the essence of fraud is, “I create trust in you, and then I betray that trust, and get you to give me something of value.” And as a result, there’s no more effective acid against trust than fraud, especially fraud by top elites, and that’s what […]

Before the Smoke Cleared: Decision-Making in the Immediate Aftermath of 9/11

BY BRIAN M. STEWART — “My blood was boiling. We were going to find out who did this, and kick their ass.” It is September 11, 2001, approximately 9:43 a.m., and the President has just been informed that a plane has crashed into the Pentagon. By this time, two planes have already crashed into the […]

UMLR Member Awarded Inaugural Stuart A. Markus Award

Bethany Bandstra (J.D. ’15), the rising Eleventh Circuit Editor for the University of Miami Law Review, has been selected to receive the first-ever Stuart A. Markus Award, recognizing outstanding service in one of the University of Miami School of Law’s in-house clinics. The award was created in honor of Miami attorney Stuart A. Markus and […]