UMLR Elects Volume 72 Executive Board


It is our privilege to announce that the University of Miami Law Review has elected the Volume 72 Executive Board:

Josh Mandel, Editor-in-Chief

Karla Utset, Executive Editor

Ashley Gomez-Rodon, Executive Editor

Olivia Castillo, Executive Editor

Luis M. Reyes, Senior Articles Editor

Melissa Scott, Senior Notes & Comments Editor

Elizabeth McIntosh, Senior Notes & Comments Editor

Whitney Lohr, Senior Writing Editor

Blaine Remmick, Eleventh Circuit Editor

Justin Stern, Online Editor

Javier Roldán Cora, Symposium Editor

Adam Stolz, Managing Editor

Lauren Sabella, Articles & Comments Editor

Chris Fraga, Articles & Comments Editor

Alexis Mason, Articles & Comments Editor

Jillian Kovler, Articles & Comments Editor

Haley Weiss, Articles & Comments Editor

Ian Campa, Articles & Comments Editor

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