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Privacy In Public

BY JOEL R. REIDENBERG, 69 U. Miami L. Rev. 141 (2014). Introduction: Data gathering drones at 17,500 feet, cell phone-based GPS trackers, wide distribution of facial recognition software, always-connected Google Glass, and social network tools all demonstrate extraordinary technical capabilities and collectively reflect that wide-scale deployment of information technology creates a very transparent world. In […]

Don’t Surf My Shoulder: States Slowly Moving To Bar Employers’ Efforts To Obtain Applicants’ Social Media Info

BY BERNADETTE SADEEK — Imagine you’re minutes from being offered the job of your dreams. You’ve passed interviews and screenings with flying colors. There’s only one thing left before the prospective employer puts you in a corner office—you have to hand over all your social media passwords and usernames. A social-media-snooping requirement, a.k.a. “shoulder surfing,” […]