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When Five Become Three – The Antitrust Issues Posed by Two Big Insurance Company Mergers

HALEY WEISS—The Department of Justice (DOJ), joined by several states, is suing to block two mergers of four insurance companies—Aetna’s proposed $54 billion acquisition of Humana and Anthem’s proposed $37 billion acquisition of Cigna. These mergers would bring the number of major health insurance companies in the market from five to three. The DOJ is […]

The Silent Killer: Florida’s PIP Amendments Could Cost Floridians Millions

BY MICHAEL LEWENZ — Florida’s Personal Injury Protection (PIP) statute, which governs auto insurance coverage, was recently amended. And one new provision, in particular, will have potentially a catastrophic impact on thousands of Floridians. The PIP amendment, which took effect January 1, 2013, affects the medical expenses Floridians may have to pay if they find […]