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The Troubling Case of John E. Ferguson: Procedural Failure, Mental Illness, and the Death Penalty In Florida

BY LACEY STUTZ — On September 5, 2012, Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed a death warrant for John Errol Ferguson. Mr. Ferguson, who has been on death row for thirty-four years, was convicted and sentenced to death for eight counts of first-degree murder in 1978. Six of the murders were execution-style killings that occurred during […]

Rolling the Dice: Eleventh Circuit Delineates the Limits of Tribal Sovereign Immunity

BY EAMON WELCH — Although Native Americans enjoy a substantial degree of sovereign immunity on their tribal lands, the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit recently demonstrated that this immunity is not unqualified.  On October 15, 2012, in Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida v. United States, the Eleventh Circuit ruled that the […]

The Honorable Paul C. Huck Examines Recent Developments in the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals

Since the publication of last year’s Eleventh Circuit issue, the court has welcomed its newest member, Judge Adalberto J. Jordan. He was appointed to fill the seat vacated by Judge Susan H. Black in 2011 upon her decision to take senior status after nearly two decades of distinguished service. As Judge Jordan’s colleague on the Southern District of Florida bench […]