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How Florida Is Protecting the DNA Privacy Rights You Didn’t Know Need Protection

FAY SHAULSON—On October 1, 2021, H.B. 833, also known as the Protecting DNA Privacy Act, went into effect in Florida. The Act heightens current protections of genetic information by clarifying the extent to which individuals own their genetic information and establishing separate criminal penalties for each instance of intentional collection, retention, maintenance, disclosure, submission, analysis, […]

In Maryland v. King, SCOTUS Examines Constitutionality of Law Enforcement DNA Profiling

BY LINDSEY MAULTASCH — On April 10, 2009, Alonzo Jay King, Jr. was arrested in Maryland on first- and second-degree assault charges. Pursuant to the Maryland DNA Collection Act, a swab was used to take a sample of King’s DNA.  On July 13, 2009, King’s DNA profile was uploaded to the Maryland DNA database. Shortly […]