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A Change to College Admissions as We Know It

STEPHANIE SANCHEZ—Amidst a contentious term for the Supreme Court, the Court has already heard oral argument on subjects ranging from abortion to gun control and has issued numerous rulings on “shadow docket” cases ranging from gerrymandering to immigration. Based on a recent grant of certiorari, the Court is positioning itself for yet another momentous term […]

SCOTUS Seems to Favor Michigan’s Affirmative Action Ban

BY DANIELLE COUPET — In true legal fashion, let’s start with a hypothetical. Suppose we have two applicants to the University of Michigan: Tom and Tyra. Tom is a premiere football quarterback, whose father also just so happened to play football at the University of Michigan. Tyra is an African-American woman, hoping to be the […]

Justices Weigh Texas School’s “Critical Mass” Minority Admissions Policy

BY GABRIELA PIRANA & LESLIE POLLACK — On Wednesday, October 10, the United States Supreme Court heard oral arguments for Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin.  The case involves Abigail Fisher, a white female, who was denied undergraduate admission to the University of Texas at Austin.  Fisher narrowly missed UT’s admissions criteria for white […]