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Compulsory Arbitration for Consumer, Employee, and Civil Rights Disputes—Without Reasonable Legislative Intervention, Access to Fair Dispute Resolution Will Continue to Degrade

ANDREA SINNER—Arbitration can be an efficient and effective dispute resolution process in the consumer, employee, and civil rights arenas; it works well for the right disputes when the parties and arbitrators play by the procedural, substantive, and ethical rules.  Compulsory arbitration, where one party is unaware of the agreement to arbitrate or effectively had no […]

Musical Chairs: Replacing Justice Scalia

ANDREW PIPER—On February 13th, 2016, Justice Scalia passed away at a resort in Shafter, Texas. Justice Scalia was known for his sarcastic dissents and his contempt for the use of legislative history in statutory interpretation. Moreover, Justice Scalia was a profound supporter of bright-line legal rules as opposed to legal balancing tests and was extremely […]

The Introverted Pessimistic Perfectionist

BRITTANY STOCKMAN­—In early January, the American Bar Association Journal published an article reporting that Most Lawyers Are Introverted, And That’s Not Necessarily a Bad Thing. In fact,  “contrary to popular belief, most lawyers are not extroverts.” The nearly twenty-six-year-long study revealed that sixty-percent of the 6,000 lawyers tested were actually introverts. Eva Wisnik, the study’s […]

Gone in a SNAP

STEPHANIE ERICKSON—The right to food, and to feed oneself in dignity, is a universal human right that has been acknowledged at every level of both national and international governance. Though this does not mandate that the government to universally provide free food, the universal right to feed oneself in dignity does mandate that the government […]