UMLR Proudly Presents its Candidate Class for Volume 71

The University of Miami Law Review is thrilled to welcome the newest candidates to the UMLR family and network. Congratulations to the following candidates, we look forward to working with you:

Michelle Armenteros
Ian Campa
Olivia Castillo*
Nicole Chipi
Laura Elise Connor
Ellen Degnan
Christopher Fraga*
Summer Galitz
Jordan Gray
Joshua Gutter
Jillian Kovler
Jennifer Ledig
Whitney Lohr*
Joshua Mandel
Alexis Mason
Elizabeth McIntosh
Daniel Narciso
Juan Olano
Patrick Pijls
Carli Raben
Blaine Remmick
Luis Reyes
Ashley Rodon*
Javier Roldan-Cora
Lauren Sabella
Melissa Scott
Zachary Smith
Justin Stern
Adam Stolz
Lauren Swanson*
Karla Utset
Lauren VanBuren
Haley Weiss*

* Congratulations to these students who won the 2016 Law Review Writing Competition.

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