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Who Needs Facts Anyway? The Pros and Cons of Fact Checking Presidential Debates in Real-Time

BLAINE B. REMMICK—A liberal and a conservative walk into a bar to calmly discuss the merits of each of their respective party’s presidential nominees. Five minutes later both are red in the face, screaming that the other party’s nominee is a blatant liar and unfit to lead the country. Hopefully the possibility of everyone getting […]

I’ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours: Tax Returns vs. Medical Records

ZACHARY SMITH—“Where are your tax returns, Donald?” “Well, where are your medical records, Hillary?” If you ask me, these questions seem petty, but maybe I’m in the minority. Either way, this begs the question—how did we get to the point where we care more about speculating the severity of a cough or how much is given […]