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Judge Marcia Cooke Strikes Down Florida’s “Firearms Owners’ Privacy Act”; State Appeals

BY SCOTT SQUIRES — In 1983, the American Academy of Pediatrics (“AAP”) implemented “The Injury Prevention Program” (“TIPP”). TIPP provides pediatricians with safety counseling guidelines to discuss with patients and parents. A quick read through the guidelines provides a crash course in Parenting 101: secure the car seat, install gates on stairways and pools, keep […]

The Silent Killer: Florida’s PIP Amendments Could Cost Floridians Millions

BY MICHAEL LEWENZ — Florida’s Personal Injury Protection (PIP) statute, which governs auto insurance coverage, was recently amended. And one new provision, in particular, will have potentially a catastrophic impact on thousands of Floridians. The PIP amendment, which took effect January 1, 2013, affects the medical expenses Floridians may have to pay if they find […]