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Vehicles vs. Vessels: the Race to Full Automation of Ships and the Regulatory Rogue Waves Still Ahead

PARKER POUSER—Recently, it seems like you can’t go online or read the news without being bombarded with articles about self-driving cars. The regulation of autonomous vehicles has been the subject of several high profile cases over the last few months. However, despite all the attention on cars and trucks, there has been relatively little coverage […]

What Makes a Boat a Boat? Hint—It Is Not “Anything That Floats”

BY NATALIE HARRISON — Back in October, UMLR candidate Adam Fischer described oral arguments in Lozman v. City of Riviera Beach. Lozman involved an in rem action, under the Federal Maritime Lien Act, by the City of Riviera Beach against Fane Lozman’s floating home. Mr. Lozman protested that his home was a “floating residential structure,” more […]

When Is a House a Boat? Supreme Court Considers Riviera Beach Case

BY ADAM FISCHER — The United States Supreme Court concluded its first day of the 2012 session with the South Florida-originated case of Lozman v. Riveria Beach. Fane Lozman, a wealthy former commodities trader, owned a floating home on the Riveria Beach Marina. The home was not a houseboat; rather it was more of a floating structure with […]