Congratulations To The Next UMLR Executive Board

Congratulations to the Executive Board for the 2013-14 academic year. We are excited to announce that the following students will take over management of the University of Miami Law Review:

Editor in Chief
Kelly Heard
Executive Editors
Natalie Harrison
Ross Chaffin
Senior Articles Editor
Matthew Kohen
Senior Notes and Comments Editor
Juan Carlos Zamora
Logan Haine-Roberts
Eleventh Circuit Editor
Paulina Valanty
Online Editor
Freddi Mack
Managing Editor
Cushla Talbut
Writing & Research Editor
Zach Ludens
Projects Editor
Mick Erlandson
Articles & Comments Editors
Eryca Schiffman
Leslie Pollack
Adam Fischer
Brian Schmelkin
Samantha Hayworth
Lacey Stutz
Bryan Vega
Brendan Ryan

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