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UMLR 2016 Symposium Topic Announced

The University of Miami Law Review is proud to announce its 2016 symposium topic: “The Constitution on Campus: Do Students Shed Their Rights at the Schoolhouse Gates?” The Symposium will explore how far constitutional protections extend on a college campus by taking an in-depth look at free speech, equal protection, and due process issues. The […]

New York Times Examines John Paul Stevens’ Retirement and UMLR Symposium Appearence

Recently, Linda Greenhouse wrote an article about the retired Justice John Paul Stevens, which was titled “Speaking Truth to the Supreme Court.” The article, featured in the New York Times, was offered as an early birthday present to the 95-year-old Stevens, and it describes the refreshing retirement style of the seemingly ageless former Justice. For […]

Rodriguez v. United States: Does the Fourth Amendment Permit Suspicionless Dog Sniffs After a Completed Traffic Stop?

BY JANELLY CRESPO — On January 21, 2015, the Supreme Court heard oral argument in Rodriguez v. United States, a case that will help define the proper limits of a traffic stop, including whether officers can extend a traffic stop to conduct a dog sniff. The Court granted certiorari in order to consider whether officers […]

UMLR “Passes the Gavel” to the Newly Elected, Volume 70 Executive Board

It is our privilege to announce that the University of Miami Law Review has elected the Volume 70 Executive Board: Ravika Rameshwar, Editor-in-Chief Brian Goldenberg, Executive Editor Dalisi Otero, Executive Editor Isel Perez, Executive Editor Brendan Studley, Senior Articles Editor Alix Cohen, Senior Notes and Comments Editor Sabrina Niewialkouski, Senior Notes and Comments Editor Janelly […]