2018 Symposium

The University of Miami Law Review‘s 2018 Symposium, tentatively titled LegalTech: The Implications of Developing Technology on the Legal Profession, will take place across Friday, February 9, 2018, and Saturday, February 10, 2018.

The University of Miami Law Review plans to assemble the following panels during the Symposium:

  • Emerging Technologies: Artificial Intelligence and Legal Automation – This panel will examine current and emerging technologies, and their applications to the legal field and practice. The purpose will be to discuss how technology is changing the traditionally slow-evolving legal landscape. It will serve as an introduction on the topic of legal technology, setting the stage for discussions to follow.
  • Legal Technology and Access to Justice – This panel will seek to evaluate how legal technology can be incorporated and designed to allow for a better delivery of legal services to a wider range of people in society.  It will seek to evaluate the current access to justice environment and how technology can lead the charge to improve these efforts.
  • Big Data: Data Privacy and Cyber Security This panel will discuss the benefits and perils of big data collection in the legal field, and the implications on the privacy rights of every day citizens. From the prediction of legal outcomes, analyzing judicial trends, and fundamental research and case preparation legal professionals can draw insights and connections using advanced analytical algorithms. This is a trend looking to disrupt the way the legal industry operates, and this panel would discuss the proper balance between innovation and client privacy.
  • Round Table The Round Table will bring together some of the panelists from both days of Symposium and engage them in a conversation about the future of the legal profession and the influence of legal technology on the legal practice and education, and what responsibility the legal community bears in keeping out with technological advances for the benefit of our clients and protecting citizens’ privacy rights.

If you have any questions about our anticipated Symposium, please contact our Symposium Editor, Javier A. Roldán Cora, at jroldan@students.law.miami.edu.