Volume 67, Issue 2

2013 SYMPOSIUM ISSUE: The Future of the Death Penalty in America

Keynote Address

The American Death Penalty: Constitutional Regulation as the Distinctive Feature of American Exceptionalism
by Jordan M. Steiker


Capital Jury Decision Making: Looking Through the Prism of Social Conformity and Seduction to Symmetry
by Saby Ghoshray

Innocence and Its Impact on the Reassessment of the Utility of Capital Punishment: Has the Time Come to Abolish the Ultimate Sanction?
by Vincent R. Jones and Bruce Wilson

Study, Support, and Save: Teaching Sensitivity in the Law School Death Penalty Clinic
by Sarah Mourer

The False Promise of Proffitt
by Stephen K. Harper

The Virtues of Thinking Small
by Corinna Barrett Lain

Tinkering with Life: A Look at the Inappropriateness of Life Without Parole as an Alternative to the Death Penalty
by Ashley Nellis

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