Volume 65, Issue 3

Special Topic: Gender Justice and Human Rights in the Americas

Table of Contents


Gender Justice in the Americas: A Transnational Dialogue on Sexuality, Violence, Reproduction, and Human Rights
by Alma Luz Beltran y Puga, Caroline Bettinger-Lopez, Jorge Contesse, Paola Garcia-Rey, Diana Hortsch, Risa E. Kaufman and Nicole Tuszynski

Keynote Addresses

Modern Day Inquisitions
by Rebecca J. Cook

Women’s Citizen Security
by Susana Chiarotti Boero


The Rights of Women in the Inter-American System of Human Rights: Current Opportunities and Challenges in Standard-Setting
by Rosa M. Celorio

Still Trembling: State Obligation Under International Law to End Post-Earthquake Rape in Haiti
by Lisa Davis


Access to Justice and the Permissive State: The Brazilian Experience
by Carmen Hein de Campos

Double Discrimination and Equality Rights of Indigenous Women in Quebec
by Bernard Duhaine & Josee-Anne Riverin

Thinking Critically About How to Address Violence Against Women
by Tamara Rice Lave

Sexual Rights and Religion: Same-Sex Marriage and Lawmakers’ Catholic Identity in Argentina
by Juan Marco Vaggione

Multiple Discrimination in Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health: Experiences from Latin America and the Caribbean
by Ximena Casas

Negative Impacts of Abortion Criminalization in Brazil: Systematic Denial of Women’s Reproductive Autonomy and Human Rights
by Beatriz Galli

Who Is a Human Rights Defender? An Essay on Sexual and Reproductive Rights Defenders
by Cynthia Soohoo & Diana Hortsch


Laptops and the Border Search Exception to the Fourth Amendment Protecting the United States Borders From Bombs, Drugs, and the Pictures from Your Vacation
by Victoria Wilson

A Distinction Without a Difference: “Receipt” and “Possession” of Child Pornography and the Double Jeopardy Problem
by Stephen L. Bacon

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