Past UMLR Symposia

2016 – The Constitution on Campus: Do Students Shed Their Rights at the Schoolhouse Gates?

2015 – Criminalized Justice: Consequences of Punitive Policy

2014 – Leading from Below

2013 – Social Media & the Law

2012 – The Future of the Death Penalty in America

2011 – From the Board Room to the Court Room: The Evolving Legal Status of Corporate Crime

2010 – What Change Will Come? The Obama Administration and the Future of the Administrative State

2009 – How Far Have We Come Since 2000? (Voting Rights, Election Law & Crawford v. Marion County Election Board)

2008 – The Future of Affirmative Action: Seattle School District #1, Race, Education, and the Constitution

2007 – The Uses and Abuses of the Executive Power

2006 – The Schiavo Case: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

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